White Hands and How to Repent, Kyle Sutherland

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I wrote this for white people (maybe you, lucky you!) without many black/brown folk, let alone other white folks, in their lives to check them on their shit. I was once a lonely pale horse riding the landscapes of imagination – so, white devil white devil, I sought company with stars, learned some things, internalized a global perspective, visited visions of Black is Holy in a land that claims that only White is Holy (let’s stir that pot, shall we?) and affirm that Brown is Holy and “Yellow” is too – oh Skin, for you I decided to write this. This is not just myself speaking; herein lie the voices of many, the I & I, the many who have shaped my mind into what it is now. This is a collective fuck you, a floating city of I love you, a serious message of do better. Or perhaps this is just white guilt all page vomit repetitive, but it is honest. And this kind of honesty is not often found, because white skin doesn’t often stand up for Black Power – for inherited fear remains vivid.

ISBN 9780359440832Copyright Published March 18, 2019Language EnglishPages 116Binding Perfect-bound PaperbackInterior Ink Black & whiteDimensions (inches) 8.5 wide x 11 tall