Treat Me Like You Treat The Earth

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A young, queer activist living in Denver, Colorado, Eliza Beth Whittington has composed a provocative and surreal collection of poems that challenge readers' sexual modesty and pulls no punches in their portrayal of our abused planet. With dizzying shifts of perspective, they blend ecological activism with erotic sadism, portraying the destruction of our earth as a violent rape fantasy. Praise for the collection: "Eliza Beth's writing is pointed and angry. It is sorrowful. It is political. It contains a pervasive sense of earthiness. Each piece is raw and expansive, cutting and compassionately understanding. This body of work spans the breadth of human emotions, and readers are pulled energetically along for the ride." - Delia LaJeunesse, Executive Director Stain'd Arts "Shamelessly sexual, Whittington is one of those poets who gets it. Gets what we're doing to the earth, to each other -as a culture, as a society. Eliza is Walt Whitman trading the Denver streets for mountain passes, and Rachel Carson gulping soiled air and breathing out hope. Eliza is mother to her mother, father to our America, sunflower in the future's hair. I'm in love with their voice, fears, confessions, courage, and verse. If this is Eliza's first book, let there be a hundred more." - Western Poet Laureate Emeritus Art Goodtimes "Eliza is a soul-mother, spew-father, dirt-angel who isn't afraid to get some teeth dirty. They see wannabe messiahs and ask them to dance. They bring the band. This is the part of the song where we scream. This book is a chorus of emergency that gives a shit. This shit throws down." - Matt Clifford, Author of The RantoDance of Anonymous From Necropolis & His Machine.

  • Paperback: 68 pages
  • Publisher: Suspect Press Publishing (2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 151360404X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1513604046