Tool - Opiate 12" EP

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As the title of Tool's 1992 debut implies, they're none too impressed by religion, though other targets-fear ("Cold and Ugly"), hypocritical moralizing ("Jerk-Off"), nonconformity ("Hush")-get their time in the spotlight as well. Opiate is a collection of heavy, aggressive, cynical music, packaged in songs noticeably shorter than on their later efforts (Undertow, 1993, and Aenima, 1996).



A1 Sweat 3:47

A2 Hush 2:48

A3 Part Of Me 3:17

B1 Cold And Ugly (Live) 4:10

B2 Jerk-Off (Live) 4:22

B3 Opiate 5:22




UPC: 614223102719

GENRE: Heavy Metal

RELEASE DATE: 9/17/1996