The Official Handbook for Marijuana Users 1970

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4th printing September 1970

The all-time marijuana classic, revised and reprinted for the first time in 50 years. and more hilarious than ever!

When you finish this book, you will know all there is to know about the use of the marijuana from buying it to cleaning it to rolling it in a joint to smoking it and getting high on it and realizing that there may be, after all, a point to existence.

Included are the following subjects:
- Grass as an Aphrodisiac
- Games Stoned People Play
- Acquiring Grass
- How to enhance the power of Grass
- The Morality of Grass

A wealth of off-beat tips for many readers especially non-users the greater value lies in the pleasant, almost grass-like aura that the authors produce. Their low key approach and refusal to take grass too seriously help support their main contention: that grass should be no big deal. Time Magazine