The Long Home: A Novel, William Gay SIGNED First ed Copy 2

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In Willam Gay's debut novel, The Long Home, the devil comes to Tennessee in the form of one Dallas Hardin, a vile and violent man who brings tragedy in his wake. Set in the backwoods South of the 1940s, Gay's tale is populated with a colorful array of types familiar to readers of William Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy, and other practitioners of that particular brand of larger-than-life literature that seems to thrive south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Though the types might be familiar, Gay does an impressive job of making them his own, each with his or her distinctive, fully human qualities that transcend the roles they play as bootlegger, town drunk, or even hero. Amazon Reviews

This first edition hardcover book is singed by the author on the title page. It is in very good to fine condition with a dust cover in fine condition - stored in a mylar plastic sleeve for protection.