Spirits Rebellious, Khalil Gibran

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When first published in the original Arabic, this book aroused considerable agitation and intrigue. It was burned publicly in the Beirut marketplace by furious church and state officials, who denounced it as poisonous and dangerous to the peace of the country. Gibran himself was exiled. But this was at a time when Lebanon was in virtual slavery to oppressive Turkish rule. Years later his exile was remanded, and the church embraced him without conciliation on his part. Yet the record remains as Gibran wrote it here: his profoundly felt anger and indignant protest at the vicious inequality of man and woman in marriage--the wretched failure of the principles of the law and justice--and the corrupt, thieving practices of religious administration in the Near East of his time.

Very Good condition, presents mild foxing of the pages consistent with its age, some chips missing off the top and bottom of the back cover of the dust jacket. Overall a beautiful copy and translation.