Robert J. Walsh and Johnny Douglas - Hasbro '80s TV Classics: "The Transformers" Optimus Prime Splatter Colored 140 Gram Vinyl LP

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First Time Available On Any Format

Pressed on 140 gram Clear with Red & Purple Splatter colored vinyl (limited to 600 exclusively for Light In The Attic)

Housed in a gatefold jacket featuring iconic artwork from the 1985 Japanese toy catalog

Album includes 45 minutes of unreleased music including the iconic opening theme song, composed Robert J. Walsh and Johnny Douglas

Track Listing:

Opening Theme Song


Cybertron Sorrow

The Bridge to Iacon

Unwelcoming Committee


Attack! Attack!

Decepticon Drama

Explore! Repair!

Facing Disaster

Ominous Discovery

Elements of Danger

Something’s Wrong

Overcoming the Unstoppable

No More Worries


Heavy Mettle

Man and Machine

Matters and Antimatters

Battle Fearlessly

Ancient Legends

The March of War

Roll For Home

The Glimmer of Hope

Earth to Cybertron

Into the Jaws of Death

Doomed Together

The Wrong Readings Mean the Right Doom

Transformers Medley

Mad Planet

Conflict on Cassette

Pastoral Tranquility

From the Secret Files of Teletraan II

Separation Anxiety

Synthesized Magic


Uneasy Advances

Epic Struggles

Mysterious Airs

Waking Nightmare