Nova Express by William S. Burroughs

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The Soft Machine introduced us to the conditions of a universe where endemic lusts of the mind and body pray upon men, hook them, and turn them into beasts. Nova Express takes William S. Burroughs’s nightmarish futuristic tale one step further. The diabolical Nova Criminals—Sammy The Butcher, Green Tony, Iron Claws, The Brown Artist, Jacky Blue Note, Izzy The Push, to name only a few—have gained control and plan on wreaking untold destruction. It’s up to Inspector Lee of the Nova Police to attack and dismantle the word and imagery machine of these “control addicts” before it’s too late. This surrealist novel is part sci-fi, part Swiftian parody, and always pure Burroughs.

Hardcover. Black cloth with gilt lettering on spine. Boards and extremities rubbed. Some copyright information marked out on copyright page. Dust jacket wrapped in mylar-sleeved.


Title: Nova Express
Publisher: Jonathan Cape, London
Publication Date: 1966
>Binding: Hardback
Book Condition:Fine
Dust Jacket Condition: Fine
Edition: 1st Edition