Mutiny Booty Box #8, November 2020

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Do you miss hanging out at Mutiny? Pine for the smell of coffee, and the books, and the comics? Do you long for the loud music in back, while looking through the records up front? Get as close as you can to that with a Mutiny Booty Box! With local zines, local authors, local music, and a bag of Mutiny's Batch no.One26 coffee and a Mutiny mug.


Mutiny coffee mug
Local Artists, This Month Vinnie Fasano
Local Author's Book, Featuring The Cats of Ostia Antica, by Julian Brier
12oz bag of Mutiny Batch no.126 Blend coffee 
(Let us know if you want it ground or whole bean)
Local Music: Featuring Granny Tweed
Pin from Boneless Graphix
newspaper poster from CrimeThink
Cereal box notebook
Slingshot Newspaper
Moon Pie


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