Lon Chaney Films and Fragments (1914-1922)

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This Lon Chaney collection includes three complete shorts: BY THE SUN'S RAYS (1914) In which Lon Chaney is the devious clerk responsible for the local gold shipments being intercepted. Until the hero detective, played by Murdock MacQuarrie, show up to crack the case - 10 minutes. THE OUBLIETTE (1914) Murdock MacQuarrie plays an unlikely hero, a carefree and generous bandit. Lon Chaney plays a cruel noble that clashes with the hero in a brief fight when he threatens a fair damsel - 35 minutes. THE LIGHT OF FAITH (1922) (A.K.A. The Light in the Dark) Hope Hampton plays a new arrival to a boarding house who is estranged from her fiance, played by E.K. Lincoln. She falls gravely ill yet her hopeful stories of the Holy Grail inspire her brutish neighbor, Lon Chaney, to seek out the recently recovered relic - 38 minutes. *** Plus Fragments and Clips: Including clips from The Millionaire Paupers (1915), The Miracle Man (1919), The Gift Supreme (1920), On the set of: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) and coming attractions trailers for THE SHOCK & THE BIG CITY Total Running time 98 minutes - with music scores by David Knudtson

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