Iggy Pop & David Bowie - Santa Monica '77 LP (Reissue)

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Iggy Pop, live at the Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA on April 15th, 1977. The Iggy/Bowie period is a sharp document of hedonism and salvation. Two rock stars sought salvation from the narcosis of LA, and moved to West Berlin, a move that would not only give birth to Bowie's celebrated Berlin period and resulting trilogy, but take Iggy Pop from the gutters to the stars with his first two solo albums in 1977. Back on the road with The Idiot (1977) and the impending Lust For Life (1977), Iggy bounces back to life for the 30-date "Rock Around The World" tour, stopping at Santa Monica's Civic Auditorium on the way. Backed by Bowie himself, the formidable Sales brothers (Tony and Hunt), and Ricky Gardiner, Iggy explores his new lease of life with the usual swagger and onstage psychosis. Pitching Fun House (1970) against The Idiot was sure gonna be one to watch! Protus presents the entire original King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast of Iggy Pop at the Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA from April 15th, 1977. Professionally remastered original broadcast with background liners, interviews, and rare photos capturing the period.



A1 Introduction - I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live) - Interview

A2 1970 (Live)

A3 Interview - Raw Power (Live)

A4 Interview - Tv Eye (Live)

B1 Dirt (Live) - Interview

B2 Funtime (Live)

B3 Turn Blue (Live)

B4 Announcer - Interview - Outro



LABEL: Protus

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RELEASE DATE: 2/15/2019