Green Witchcraft, by Paige Vanderbeck

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Connect to the earth and to natural magic with this guide to green witchcraft

The earth is full of energy and wisdom, and green witchcraft is a spiritual practice devoted to living in harmony with that energy. In practice, walking the green path can mean everything from growing plants for magic and medicine, honoring the spirits of trees and animals, and using crystals for power and healing.

ants to incorporate green witchcraft into their practice, this how-to guide will help build a foundation with an introduction to the lore and tools of the green witch. Learn more about the key components of green witchcraft, along with a selection of spells, charms, and tinctures and explanations of how to practice them:

- Resurrection Plant Growth Spell - A dried rose of Jericho may look like a tumbleweed, but with some tending and care, it will bloom as if by magic, inviting opportunities for love and prosperity.

- Psychic Hangover Tea - This restorative elixir is brewed with energizing black tea, blended with fragrant rose hips and lavender. The soft aroma and soothing properties will gently quiet an overextended mind and spirit.

- Red Clover Glamour Potion - This body mist is designed to help any witch project an energy of natural beauty and glamour. Mix pure clean water with the cleansing powers of pink salt and the revitalizing energy of red clover blossoms.

Filled with wisdom and how-to guidance, Green Witchcraft will show you everything you need to awaken the green witch within.


PAIGE VANDERBECK has always entertained the mystical and unbelievable. She hosts The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast, and writes about modern witchcraft, fat acceptance, and feminism for publications like Medium, Revelist, The Daily Dot, and Flare. You can also find her work on her website,


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