Green Hornet HC (1990 Now) Collector's Edition

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1st printing. Story and art by Jeff Butler and Ron Frontier. Cover by Jeff Butler. Introduction by Van Williams (the actor who played the Green Hornet in the 1960s TV show). Millions of Green Hornet fans grew up hearing, then watching their favorite hero battle the forces of evil. The Green Hornet! He and his faithful partner Kato patrol the nights of a big city as costumed vigilantes - working outside the klaw to bring to justice criminals who elude the police. This collection includes: the memoirs of the first Green Hornet, Britt Reid; the Kato and Reid Family Trees; the evolution of the Black Beauty, the technologically advanced car invented by the Green Hornet and improved by each generation. Hardcover, 8 1/2-in. x 11-in., 234 pages, full color.

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