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G-Sides (sometimes spelled as G Sides) is a B-sides collection by Gorillaz from their first studio album session, Gorillaz and the Tomorrow Comes Today EP. The compilation was originally released only in Japan on 12 December 2001. The US edition, with a slightly different track listing, followed on 26 February 2002. The European version, released on 11 March 2002, features the original Japanese track listing. The Japanese and US editions are different because the songs "Dracula" and "Left Hand Suzuki Method" are included on the standard US edition of Gorillaz as bonus tracks. The Brazilian limited edition release incorporates all of the tracks from both the Japanese and US versions of the album. Most versions have the same cover, featuring Noodle holding a skeleton doll in her hand, named "Bonesy", although some—notably the Japanese version—have her holding a Godzilla figurine instead. On the top of the sleeve, the title is written in katakana: ジー サイズ (Jī Saizu). G-Sides reached number 65 on the UK Albums Chart and number 84 on the US Billboard 200.



A1 19-2000 (Soulсhild Remix)

A2 Dracula

A3 Rock The House (Radio Edit)

A4 The Sounder (Edit)

A5 Faust

B1 Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version)

B2 Ghost Train

B3 Hip Albatross

B4 Left Hand Suzuki Method

B5 12D3



LABEL: WB/Parlophone

UPC: 190295307738

GENRE: Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop

RELEASE DATE: 8/29/2020