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Hot on the heels of last year's TKO reissue of their debut "Racey Roller" LP, international underground rock sensations GIUDA ARE BACK with their new album, "Let's Do It Again!" "Let's Do It Again" is an exciting progression for GIUDA featuring more complicated arrangements, more ambitious songwriting and an even bigger sound, while still retaining all the pure fun and infectious Glam hooks of their debut album. The handclaps may have given way to more foot-stomps, but "Let's Do It Again" is still a raucous, wild party of an album, in true GIUDA fashion. Check out "Let's Do It Again" to find out why GIUDA are swiftly gaining the reputation as Europe's most exciting Rock n' Roll band!! "It would take a hard-hearted rocker indeed not to find great joy in Giuda's second album. This five-piece from Rome (featuring members of noted Euro punks Taxi) play stompy, super-melodic garage-glam with a pitch-perfect level of cheap gloss, doting retroism and quite glorious silliness. From Wild Tiger Woman's honky-tonking strut via Yellow Dash's Slade-ish lollop to Teenage Rebel's faintly psych-pop shimmer, the hooks are relentless, the playing unfussily skilful and the charm unfailing. That's before you even get to the song about that time Giuda won the World Cup (it was 1-0; it's not entirely clear who they were playing against), or the sleek, almost spacey homage to the wearing of wheels on one's feet that is album highlight Roller Skates Rule OK (to be enjoyed in conjunction with that quite glorious album cover). Bright, brilliant and clearly actually rather big of heart, Giuda are beyond a joke, in the best possible way." - the Guardian "When a band is described as “the new Gary Glitter” – by legendary pop Svengali Kim Fowley, no less – and their label proudly slap the quote on their website rather than irately demanding a retraction, you’re entitled to wonder what the hell is going on. The answer: Italian quintet Giuda are the greatest ’70s glam-rock band to have existed since… the 1970s. Bedecked with more handclaps and tambourines than a Pentecostal church, their second album starts with a Mud reference (‘Wild Tiger Woman’), cribs from The Sweet’s ‘Blockbuster’ (‘Teenage Rebel’) and reaches a conceptual zenith with the song title ‘Roller Skates Rule OK’. Their zeal for time travel would be frightening if they didn’t write such stomping tunes." - Noel Gardner / NME "Rome's premier 70s yob-rock torch bearers present the first 45 from their second LP; Let's Do It Again. Wild Tiger Woman is an effervescent stomp-along with a tongue-in-cheek video filmed at the Villaggio Olimpic, built for the 1960 Rome Olympics. Pre-emptinglikely queries, guitarist Lorenzo Moretti declare that GIUDO do indeed dig Tiger Feet by Mud. "We really love the unpretentious high-energy rock and roll of Mud and yes, a part of our dance is taken from the clip of Tiger Feet on Top Of The Pops from 1974. It was our small tribute to Les Gray." Questo e pulito!" - Mojo Magazine



A1 Wild Tiger Woman

A2 Yellow Dash

A3 Get That Goal

A4 Teenage Rebel

A5 Rave On

B1 Hold Me Tight

B2 Roller Skates Rule O.K.

B3 Fat Boy Boogie

B4 Get On The Line

B5 Hey Hey


Label: Damaged Goods ‎– DAMGOOD422LP

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

Country: UK

Released: 19 Nov 2013

Genre: Rock

Style: Glam, Punk, Pub Rock