Dagon, HP Lovecraft First Edition

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This first edition (4th printing) hardcover with original dust jacket was limited to 4000 copies published by Arkham House in 1965. This book and dust jacket are in very good condition. Book shows minimal shelf wear near top and bottom of spine. Dust Jacket has small tears and wears on spine and front and back, otherwise in very good condition. 

A sailor escapes in a lifeboat after his ship is attacked by a German raider during World War I. He soon finds himself in more bizarre peril, stranded in a dark, stinking mire on the edge of a mammoth pit. Venturing into the pit, he discovers a monolith covered in weird hieroglyphics and something stranger still that crawls from the slime a creature that may be the vanguard of a vast and monstrous invading army from the depths of the sea.


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