Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy 2LP Clear Blue & Clear

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Target Exclusive features limited edition collectible 2LP on transparent blue and clear vinyl.


Disc 1
Side 1:
1. Overture (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
2. The Grid (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
3. The Son of Flynn (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
4. Recognizer (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)5. Armory (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
6. Arena (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
7. Rinzler (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
8. The Game Has Changed (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
9. Outlands (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)

Side 2:
1. Adagio For TRON (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
2. Nocturne (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
3. End of Line (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
4. Derezzed (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
5. Fall (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
6. Solar Sailer (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
7. Rectifier (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
8. Disc Wars (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)

Disc 2
Side 1:
1. C.L.U. (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
2. Arrival (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
3. Flynn Lives (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
4. TRON Legacy (End Titles) (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)
5. Finale (From "TRON: Legacy"/Score)

Side 2:
1. Sea of Simulation
2. Encom Part II
3. Encom Part I
4. Round One
5. Castor
6. Reflections
7. Sunrise Prelude


Label: Walt Disney Records – D003820601
Format: Vinyl, LP, Blue Transparent - Vinyl, LP, Clear
All Media, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Repress
Country: US
Released: Dec 10, 2021