Colorado Crew : Denvoid Part 2

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A follow-up to Bob Rob Medina's Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks, Colorado Crew : Denvoid Part 2 enlists Sonny Kay's talents to create a visual odyssey of images and interviews featuring bands, record labels, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, academics, photographers, promoters, Grammy nominees, culture jammers, and media influencers.


Colorado Crew: Denvoid Part 2
A Collection of Tales & Images from
The Colorado Punk Scene 1988-1996
Authors: Bob Rob Medina & Sonny Kay
Book Cover: Chris Shary
Forward: Jason Heller

ISBN: 978-1-7923-2129-0
Pages: 320
Robot Enemy Books


Inside you’ll find: Warlock Pinchers, Matt Bischoff (Fluid/’57 Lesbian), Tom Headbanger (Temple ov Psychick Youth/promoter), Chris Shary (artist/Pilot Car/Sizewell), Rich Jacobs (artist/Keep In Mind/Atomic Dilemma/Skate Edge fanzine and records), Sonny Kay (The VSS/Angel Hair/GSL Records), Jon Snodgrass (Armchair Martian/Drag the River) Atiba Jefferson (photographer), Scooter James (Pinhead Circus), Jason Heller (Crestfallen/The Blue Ontario/author), Mark Brooks (Warlock Pinchers/Foreskin 500/writer/director), Eric Richter (Christie Front Drive/Lilawatt/Turn*Key), Mike Jourgenson (Abdomen/DU Records/Spinal Jaundice fanzine), Chrissy Piper (Photographer), Julie Peasley (artist/Cavity/entrepreneur), Pete Lyman (Junkdrawer/JUHL/Grammy Award winner), Tim Nakari & Hans Buenning (Small Dog Frenzy), Matt Jacobson (Psychotic Society/Relapse Records), Kurt Ottaway (Twice Wilted), Andy Lefton (Flux of Disorder/Tau Cross/writer/director), Andy Monley (Jux Country/Acid Ranch), Dan Berger (Meanface/Hell’s Half Acre), Chanin Floyd (Twice Wilted/ Spell/’57Lesbian), Bryan Wendzel (Acid Pigs/Hell’s Half Acre/Mudstack/Disobedience fanzine), Ely Morgan (Sadplant/Novice/Manta Ray), Dave Clifford (Again!/The VSS), Jared Poley (Again!/Titanic Records), Andy Falconetti (Sissy Fuzz/Breezy Porticos), Richard Groskopf (Boss 302), Julia McClurg (The Hectics/Diagnosis fanzine), Paul Drake (promoter/photographer/roadie), Brian Hull (Atomic Dilemma), Ian O’Dougherty (Uphollow/Fauxgazi), Jack Suter (Acid Pigs), Paul & Pam Italiano (FashioNation), Dan Kapelovitz & Dan Kaufman (Grime Priest/Psychick Sooshee), Mike Jacoby (Normal Kids/39 Lies), Johnny Seven (Crestfallen/Seven Lucky Records), Josh & Justin Lent (FIA, Clusterfux/Chain Reaction Records), Keith Curts (Junkdrawer, Llamas NoVa/Echo Beds), Dave Paco (Eleventh Hour/FOUR!/The Messyhairs/Paco Garden Records), Andrew Murphy (Smooch Records), Paul Kane (Freewill Records/Double Entendre Records), Rich Myers (Bunny Genghis), Tony Roffe (Innocent Addiction), Tony Greenberg (Grimace), Kevin Savoy (Wrong Approach, Kingpin, Denver chef), Tim Beckman (Dogbite/Spell), Ted Thacker (Baldo Rex/Veronica), Patricia Kavanaugh (Harriet The Spy/Llamas NoVa/artist), April Soll (Social Joke), Vanessa Merten Holzkncht (Vex/Infinite Onion), Bob Rob Medina (Donut Crew Records/Savalas/Junkdrawer/promoter), Belljar, Choosey Mothers, Dead Silence, Blistering Body Pus, Aberant, Linus, T Tauri, Cold Crank..and just about everyone else who contributed to Colorado’s vibrant music scene from 1988-96.