Carnality: Sebastian Phoenix and the Dark Star, by Josiah Hesse

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After escaping a life of harsh labor and religious fundamentalism on his father’s farm, Jacob is discovered by an ambitious youth pastor who turns him into a teenage evangelical pop star, where he warns the youth of America that Hell awaits those who succumb to drugs and “same-sex attraction.” But when the incessant throb of Jacob’s own body betrays the chastity and sobriety of his ministry, his fear of eternal damnation is eclipsed by carnal desires for another man – driving him ever deeper into supernatural madness.

Author: Josiah Hesse

Genres: Atheism, Literary Fiction, Psychological Horror

Tags: Exvangelical, Josiah Hesse, novel, Rapture Anxiety, Suspect Press

Publisher: Suspect Press Publishing

Publication Year: 2018

Format: paperback

Length: novel

ISBN: 9781513604039