Built to Spill - Keep It Like a Secret Double LP (Limited Edition Reissue)

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BUILT TO SPILL's fourth full-length album and second for Warner Brothers Records.


For this reissue, Doug Martsch and co trimmed down the song lengths and embraced the sounds of a big studio for Keep It Like A Secret. Gone were the six minute plus songs of Perfect From Now On, the band opting to return to more concise song structures. However, they were still able to maintain the twists, turns, and detours that Martsch was known for. The result was an album that is the most immediate and accessible in Built To Spill's catalog. Pretty much every song is a winner. Checkout "The Plan," "Center Of The Universe," "Bad Light" and "You Were Right" for starters.



A1 The Plan

A2 Center Of The Universe

A3 Carry The Zero

B1 Sidewalk

B2 Bad Light

B3 Time Trap

C1 Else

C2 You Were Right

C3 Temporarily Blind

D1 Broken Chairs

D2 Forget Remember When



LABEL: Warner Records


UPC: 093624996644

GENRE: Alternative Rock

RELEASE DATE: 6/19/2007

PRODUCT ID: WB163964.1

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