Beneath the Underground, by Bob Black (used)

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Beneath the Underground is the first in-depth exploration, from within, of the rapidly growing cultural phenomenon which received its name from author Bob Black: the "marginals milieu." You could also call it the do-it-yourself subculture. It consists of the perhaps 20,000 self-publisher's of micro-circulation "zines" and other self-produced art, music, pamphlets, and posters. Bob whack has been a major figure in this subculture since the late 1970s. His previous books, The Abolition of Work and Other Essays (1986) and Friendly Fire (1981), collect some of his contributions to the milieu. In this book, he illuminates the zine milieu itself. Contents: Beneath the Underground; The Sphinctre Of Anarchism; Pullers Of Wool: The Church Of The SubGenius; Left Bankruptcy; Looking Back On Leaving The Twentieth Century; Marginals Demigods; Culture Wars; The Panic Catalog; And Now For Some Things Completely Different; and, Taking Culture With A Grain Assault.


Publisher: Feral House
Publication Date: 1994
Binding: Soft cover
Condition: Fair