Baroness - Gold & Grey Double LP (Indie Exclusive)

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Baroness release their eagerly-awaited new album Gold and Grey via Abraxan Hymns. Gold and Grey found the band once again working with Purple producer Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Mogwai), sequestering themselves at Fridmann’s remote upstate New York Tarbox Road Studio. The 17-track album ushered in two significant changes: a decidedly different recording process and guitar player Gina Gleason’s debut on a Baroness recording. The band, who tracked portions of the vocals, guitars, and overdubs in Baizley’s home-basement studio, another first for them, eschewed their normal routine of entering the studio with meticulously detailed plans and instead opted for a looser, more improvisational approach that resulted in their most collaborative and emotionally evocative release to date.



A1 Front Toward Enemy

A2 I’m Already Gone

A3 Seasons

A4 Sevens

A5 Tourniquet

A6 Anchor’s Lament

B1 Throw Me An Anchor

B2 I’d Do Anything

B3 Blankets Of Ash

B4 Emmett-Radiating Light

B5 Cold-Blooded Angels

C1 Crooked Mile

C2 Broken Halo

C3 Can Oscura

C4 Borderlines

C5 Assault On East Falls

C6 Pale Sun



LABEL: Abraxan Hymns


UPC: 855380008760


RELEASE DATE: 6/14/2019


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