Firstimers - Anvils of Love

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The long-awaited debut album of radio-candy powerpop! All the energy of the live shows, with all the shimmer and shine of studio production.

1. Invisible Girlfriend 3:06
2. Fly Paper 2:46
3. Love & Violence 4:59
4. Zero Bleeds from the Edge 3:40
5. Fallin' Anvils 2:50
6. Long Drive 3:50
7. Je t'en veux 3:28
8. We Did the Walk of Shame in the Wrong Direction 3:18
9. 45th Street Rain 2:59
10. Automatic Cloudy Day 2:42

Firstimers are a powerpop trio out of Denver, Colorado, who have built a loyal following thanks to their high-energy live shows and zeal for fancy shoes and matching outfits. Their influences range from Bauhaus to Flaming Lips by way of Caetano Veloso and Wilco, and the resulting sound is a unique blend of punchy and calm, spiky and soft. These are songs that tell stories and make movies in your mind.

Andrew- Guitars, Rhodes keys, piano, and vibraphone. He's a Linguistics instructor.
Denise- Percussion, djembe, glockenspiel, and modular synth. She's a full-time student of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the PhD track.
Sid Pink- Bass and is a film & TV producer.


Genre: Pop: Power Pop
Release Date: 2019