Amyl & The Sniffers - Comfort to Me LP

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"I've got plenty of energy, it's my currency" sings Amy Taylor on the opening track of Comfort To Me, the latest from Amyl and The Sniffers. After their self-titled 2019 debut, the band conquered the world one club and festival at a time. Comfort To Me fully captures the chaotic energy of their unrelenting, jaw-dropping live show which The Guardian declared the "most exhilarating rock n' roll show I've seen in years." LP Packaging: Standard Black Vinyl



1 Guided By Angels

2 Freaks to the Front

3 Choices

4 Security

5 Hertz

6 No More Tears

7 Maggot

8 Capital

9 Don't Fence Me in

10 Knifey

11 Don't Need a CNNT (Like You to Love Me)

12 Laughing

13 Snakes



LABEL: Ato Records

UPC: 880882456313


RELEASE DATE: 9/10/2021