Bud Bronson & The Goodtimers - Between The Outfield and Outer Space

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1. Between The Outfield And Outer Space

2. We Are The Champions (of the Basement)

3. Carmine's, The Day After (Life of Purpose, Pt. I)

4. End Of Our Lives

5. Enter The Infinite

6. Back To The Womb

7. Leave It Open

8. (Brave New) World Series 05:46

9. Parallel Universe

10. Runner's Up Requiem

11. The Good Guys Fight On (Life of Purpose, Pt. II)


When we last heard from the Good Timers on their debut LP Fantasy Machine, the band was “running wild and living free”, blissfully high-fiving their way through a galaxy of dive bars, 4AM taquitos and Independence Day reruns. Any seeds of doubt in the cracks of their Coors-Light-basted sidewalks were buried under a chorus of arm-in-arm friends making their purpose abundantly clear: tonight we party, and tonight will last forever. 

On their sophomore full-length, Between The Outfield And Outer Space (BTOAOS), the band confronts the dawn of a morning they pretended would never come, examining their own foray into fantasy within a world that seems hell-bent on clinging to its own. 

Heavy? Yes. Bleak? Maybe. A downer? Hardly. While the band breaks into uncharted territory thematically — taking a harder look at long-championed BBGT tropes such as nostalgia, excess and willful ignorance — the music explodes with more urgency than ever. 


BTOAOS’ title track wastes little time broadcasting the album’s space-sized ambition, riding shimmering guitars into the outer reaches of the cosmos before “We Are The Champions (Of The Basement)” lands squarely back on Earth, playing like the rec-room soundtrack to a Bruce Springsteen show after-party. Over the next 30+...  more


releases October 12, 2018 


Recorded and mixed at Black In Bluhm Studios 

Mastered by Andrew Vastola 

Music by Bud Bronson & The Good Timers 

Lyrics by Brian Beer


all rights reserved