Dorn The Overseer, California Dream, EP 12"

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Good samples provide a decent beat for this young rapper to lay some good lyrics over top. With production credits that include a name like Madlib, Dorn does not disappoint. I could easily see this album sitting along side other indie acts like Atmosphere. The beats remain interesting with samples pulled from areas of music including funk, jazz and even a little bit of string movements. Don't pick this up if you want the latest over produced rapper, but if you want a good roots rap record this is a worthwhile purchase. (MC)


Side A
A1 Word Is Dorn, Producer – DJ AK (7)
A2 Master Competitor, Producer – Specie
A3 Relic, Featuring – AYOL, DJ Romes, Producer – Madlib

Side K
B1 Respect, Featuring – Venomous Voices, Producer – High Dro
B2 Use Your Brain, Producer – High Dro
B3 Behind The Mic, Producer – DJ AK (7)