An Interesting Book

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Compositions from the travel journal of a mysterious ancient hermit, as they journey through countryside landscapes of  Central Asia, South through mountain highlands, and down to the southernmost tip of the Asian continent,  where the Mekong Delta meets the Sea.  Elegance and minimalism demonstrate a mastery of the genre, and serve to emphasize the work’s ideological intent. Revealing the depth of wonder in  everyday life and in the simplicity of Nature, while furnishing a vivid naturalistic philosophy particularly relevant to the mind of the modern reader.  Exploring topics like self and other, eating and being eaten, and the personal realities of non-human creatures such as insects and birds, all within a framework of beautiful poetic simplicity. Meditations  this unknown traveler recorded in a small journal can now be read in a beautiful little chapbook, artfully designed to preserve the calligraphic style of the original writings.  Presented here as a first edition, limited quantity single-press:  ‘An Interesting Book’ is a wonderful fun read for any of the casual skimmer to the most academic of bibliophiles.

5" x 7"