Mutiny Info Cafe Coffee 3-Pack

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Batch no.One26, 12oz Bag
The taste in the making for more than 25 years. We came up with this one when we were broke ass baristas making zines, hopping trains and road tripping across the US. The hints of cedar smoke, dried cranberry and Virginia tobacco come from the uniquely roasted blend of Sumatran and Ethiopian beans. Our everyday brew at Mutiny.

FeeJee Mermaid Blend, 12oz Bag
The same spirit that flows through the sideshow and circus folk, the carnies, the barkers, beats, hobos and rebels, the misfits, miscreants and especially the mutineers also flows through everything Mutiny does. The blend is a medium roast of Indonesian and African beans that invoke vintage vanilla cream. The hints of mandarin orange are accented by a light, sweet tobacco.

Soothsayer Special Belcher Blend, 12 oz Bag
after the Soothsayer (a Denver Joe based character) in Luke Schmaltz’s newest novel The Belcher. An everyday blend that is as bold and legendary a coffee as Denver Joe himself. Central and South American beans medium roasted to bring out hints of almond, black cherry and a light milk chocolate. Drink up and be somebody!